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Religious Education for Adults

Our faith experience is a lifelong process. To facilitate that journey, Santa Rosa Parish offers a variety of Adult Education opportunities throughout the year.

Bible Study will examine a certain book or books of our sacred Scriptures, helping us to apply these teachings to our lives.

Book Study groups will reflect on a text through reading and group discussion. Topics range from spirituality to Church teachings and traditions, from social justice to family life.

Our Men’s Club and Women’s Club also have retreats and opportunities for spiritual growth throughout the year.

Adults wishing to learn more about the Catholic faith also can inquire with the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults . While this is focused on people desiring to join the Catholic Church, it is also a wonderful opportunity for continuing education for those who have already received the sacraments of initiation, who then accompany and inform those embarking on their journeys.

There are also opportunities through prayer to develop spiritually.