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It is with deep regret that Fr. Mark Stetz passed away on Sunday evening, March 13, 2022. Mass of Christian Burial Thursday, March 31, 2022 at 1PM.

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Welcome to Santa Rosa

Our vision

As children of God, the parishioners of Santa Rosa Church welcome all to praise our Creator and grow closer to Jesus our Savior. In celebrating the Eucharist, a sacrament of love and thanksgiving, we express our gratitude for the world around us by serving others, neighbors and strangers, young and old, alike. We ask the Holy Spirit to lead us in the paths of truth and goodness.

Our faith alive

We celebrate more than 2,000 years of living faith! Our Church is a community of faith – throughout time and across many lands. We honor diverse traditions, cultures and hopes that build up one community: the Body of Christ, living today among us.

Worship draws us together as part of a universal body, celebrating God’s grace and action and our human dignity and potential. In Mass and other liturgies, we engage the Holy Spirit to build us to be the People of God.

Faith Formation/Education guides our paths, as individuals and as a community, in lifelong learning about our Catholic faith traditions and responsibilities. We learn to live the Sacraments we receive, as signs of God’s love among us.

Service is how we put our faith into practice and live the communion we receive. We further God’s care and participate in the continuing of Creation by our faithful stewardship of all that God gives, not just for ourselves but for the good of all.

We are not in this alone! In companionship and outreach, we walk with one another and lift up each other.

Come and join us!