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It is with great joy and hope that we welcome those who wish to marry in the Catholic Church. By marrying in the Church, a couple is inviting God to be a very special and prominent part of their life together. This also states a desire for the Catholic community and faith to be engaged in their preparation and lifelong journey. The Catholic concept of marriage is that of a covenant, which is a lived relationship with God and the community; it is far more than an arrangement, bargain or contract between two people.

We look forward to journeying with those entering this sacrament, preparing both for a wedding and a lifetime commitment. We hope to make the day of the wedding a most special occasion to remember, and we take seriously the desire of the couple to receive Catholic support in living out the joys and responsibilities of marriage.

The following guidelines and resources can assist those seeking to prepare for the sacrament of Marriage and for the wedding day itself.

Wedding Guidelines Packet

Rite of Marriage outside Mass

Rite of Marriage with Mass

Biblical Readings & Marriage Liturgy Choices